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Technographics | 3 min read
Written by Paroma Sen
on February 13, 2019

For many technology marketers, Product Managers, B2B Sales and Marketing leaders, technographics is not a new term. In fact, tech giants like Adobe, AWS, Cisco, HPE, Oracle, IBM are some that are known to use technographics to enrich their overall business intelligence.

But here’s a little secret, when it comes to technographics, what matters is the kind of insights that your provider can give you.

Here are some of the unique insights that most players don’t usually offer as part of their technographic offering:

1. Details of actively-used technologies within a particular account

Technographics gives you the hardware and software in use by companies. Once you have this data, a further breakdown of the data on the basis of technologies that are will help you understand the technology-use behaviour of your target audience.

There is a big difference between owning a technology and actively using it after all.

By drawing out insights from this difference, imagine the impact it can have on the overall understanding you build of your ideal customer.

2. Technology Adoption/Deadoption patterns and trends within that account

If you were the Head of Marketing for XXXCRM Inc (A hypothetical but major competitor of Salesforce!), how can information such as this help you effectively target your prospects with the aim of increasing conversions?

If you had a list of companies who are currently using your competitor’s product, coupled with a complete breakdown of their technology adoption and de-adoption patterns over a span of let’s say the past 3 years: your content and marketing teams could use it to create more relevance and better impact through real-time marketing efforts.

The triggers that technology marketers, product managers, leaders in B2B sales and marketing can extract from technology adoption and de-adoption patterns at target companies can help them dovetail marketing messages to create urgency, identify conversion inducing messaging that’s based on their level of comfort with certain technologies, etc.

3. Early indication of technology adoption traits

Let’s create another hypothetical situation here.

You are the founder of a tech startup, you have a new product that is ready to hit the market. As part of your go-to market strategy, how best will you define your target audience, given your limited resources and novelty in the market?

Using insights from technographics can help you understand the key technology adoption traits within a set of companies or even within a particular industry.

By using this data, it’s easy to also extract the kind of technologies companies within a particular industry usually use, why they use certain technologies, what matters in terms of features to the people in these companies, etc.

4. Indication of trending/changing skills sets that signal new, upcoming trending technologies

When a company is suddenly looking to hire a bunch of Data Scientists with specific skill sets, for instance specific knowledge level in certain coding languages, knowledge on trending technologies like machine learning, skills that include data visualization capabilities... what do you think the probable outcomes of this could be?

A layman may think that they could be adding new features to a product, or working on a new product itself.

Similarly, if you suddenly witness a growing demand for Data Scientists within a particular industry, how would you interpret it?

Insights from technographics can help identify the right dynamics to even predict which technology will soon be trending in a particular domain. By using technographic data to identify upcoming trending skill sets or those currently in demand, Product Managers and Leaders in Sales and Marketing can unlock interesting pointers on their target audience’s technology adoption traits, they will even be able to identify triggers that will eventually lead to a change in adoption of technologies.

5. Accounts that are currently in-market for your product

Fred is our friend. He needs to market his new product and put it in front of an audience that actually needs it.

How can he do this with technographics?

By breaking down the insights from technographics he can,

-use it to identify companies that already use similar products,
-use it to identify a list of companies that have just installed or bought products with similar features
-use it to identify specific triggers, like, contract renewal periods of accounts using similar products

6. Know your Client’s customers

Using technographic insights to target the clients of your customers more effectively is another great way for Fred (from above) to get started or go-to market!

 As someone once said in marketing, put your competitor’s customers first! Insights based on the technology use behavior of audiences who are currently using your competitor’s product can be used to effectively understand your potential audience and spot conversion inducing trigger points to grab more market share.

B2B Sales and marketing, especially technology marketing rarely has just one stop. Brands use multiple touchpoints to connect with their prospects, the only difference between then and now is the growing sophistication of data-backed insights and technologies that help companies in this segment understand their customer better. It’s definitely time to capitalize on new age data sets like technographics to understand your customer’s based on their technology-buying journey too.

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