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Written by Paroma Sen
on January 02, 2019

During a recent podcast episode of Sunny Side Up, Logan Lyles of Sweet Fish Media (a Podcast production agency for B2B companies) talked about how audio content is gaining more and more attention primarily because of the way we live & work these days.

26 Percent of Americans Listen to Podcasts Monthly
That’s up from 24 percent in 2017, and represents 73 million people.

Source: Convince and Convert

With shorter attention spans becoming customary for audiences (and therefore a growing challenge for B2B marketers), teamed with the increasing volumes of content easily available today: what’s most important is for content marketers to use different content formats to influence how well a company’s messaging is received and to stand out.


Listening to what influencers, thought leaders or peers have to share as opposed to reading a blog about it: what would you prefer? 
In 2018, Six Million More Americans Listened to Podcasts Weekly versus 2017
This is 48 million people total, and up six million from 2017.
Source: Convince and Convert


Changing Content Consumption Habits

With video and audio content consumption growing over the years and also contributing to high web traffic, there could come a time where blogs lose their importance.

Podcast Consumption Patterns

  • Podcasting is growing: monthly listeners grew from 24% of Americans to 26% year over year
  • Listening in vehicles is growing
  • Podcasts are the number one audio source by time of consumption among podcast listeners
Source: Edison Research


Should you participate in more Podcasts this 2019?
Or, host one perhaps?!

To create impact through insightful content, every content marketer will have to rely on more content distribution tactics while using different formats to support a wider reach.

Here are 7 good reasons to include podcasting in your B2B content marketing plan for 2019, either as a participant or host!

  • Podcasts are easier to consume then plain text
  • There has been an increase in consumption of audio content, including audio books
  • Audiences can multi-task while listening to podcasts/audio content
  • Podcasts/audio content provide easier access to the thoughts of industry leaders
  • The best part: The ability to consume it on-the-go!
  • Podcasts are easier to create and to repurpose for further content marketing goals and efforts
  • It’s the ideal content format for audiences with shorter attention spans: a growing problem faced by marketers today

These reasons also explain the exponential rise of podcasts on B2B marketing and B2B sales that are being hosted by B2B marketers and companies alike.

Some of the top podcasts for B2B marketers 

We’ve collated a short list on the basis of content, insights and information found on these podcasts, their storytelling value, ease of consumption, as well as host profile.

Here are 6 top B2B podcasts, on the basis of no particular hierarchy!

  1. Flip My Funnel Podcast  
    Listen Now

Sangram Vajre, the founder of Terminus, an Account-based Marketing platform for Marketing and Sales team hosts a daily podcast – #FlipMyFunnel. If you haven’t heard an episode yet, here are a couple of things to expect:

-A mix of interviews with marketing and sales experts
-Keynotes from trending events
-Conversations on Agile marketing and alignment

The aim of the podcast is to help B2B marketing and sales professionals, every episode focuses on a specific topic of which the most popular ones are leadership, alignment, account-based marketing, content marketing, martech)

2. The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
Listen Now

The B2B marketplace has its own quirks and set of essentials- longer sales cycles, high value deals, need for long winded nurturing strategies.

To get an optimized revenue experience from your marketing and sales efforts in 2019, this podcast can help on multiple fronts including insights on hiring issues, what helps stay ahead of the latest B2B marketing and sales techniques.

What makes this show stand out its is focus on creating or delivering value, most of the episodes feature interviews with thought leaders discussing topics like: value selling, B2B sales, sales enablement, sales performance, marketing enablement and much more.

Hosted by revenue executive Chad Sanderson, this podcast is meant to help you optimize growth for your sales and marketing teams. If revenue is top most on your mind in 2019, this is what you should be listening to.

3. The Growth Show
Listen Now

HubSpot is already known for its appealing content and innovative content marketing tactics. The Growth Show by HubSpot features leaders from brands like LEGO, Patagonia, GE. Like the name suggests, the show focuses on extracting stories on how people have successfully grown a business or idea.

4. Sales Pipeline Radio
Listen now

Which B2B marketing and sales professional doesn’t focus on achieving conversion rate optimization?

Sales Pipeline Radio, hosted by Matt Heinz covers topics that cater to the complete B2B marketing and sales pipeline including demand generation, sales effectiveness, lead nurturing, etc – the episodes are usually focused on helping the audience find and successfully convert more business.

5. Marketing Smarts
Listen now

This podcast by Marketing Profs targets marketers from all industries and business areas and caters to a wide range of topics. Each episode is like an in-depth interview. Hosted by Kerry O Shea Gorgone, the show has featured known CMOs, marketing authors and thought leaders until now.


6. Content Experience Show
Listen Now

This podcast unlocks the strategies of the best content marketers in the world. The show is co-hosted by Randy Frisch, CMO and Co-Founder at Uberflip, a content experience platform that enables personalized content experiences for B2B marketing and sales buying cycles.

Every B2B marketing and sales professional has a story to tell! Have you decided to share yours by participating in or hosting a podcast of your own in 2019?

Start a conversation.

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