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Paroma Sen

Paroma Sen is the Head of Content at DemandMatrix and a former Senior Writer and Editor of various B2B Marketing publications.
Technographics | 3 min read

6 Benefits of using AI-powered Technographics / Install Tech Data

For many technology marketers, Product Managers, B2B Sales and Marketi...

B2B data | 6 min read

10 things to look for in a Business Intelligence Service Provider

Big data can add immense value to your overall business by providing n...

Data Enrichment | 3 min read

Why do Cloud Companies need Technographics to Enable Product Marketing Effectiveness and Innovation?

Did you already know that more than half of the world’s companies (alr...

Data Enrichment | 3 min read

How Technographics Enables Intelligent Competitor Analysis for E-signature Providers

Businesses are collaborating more today than ever before. Global expan...

Content Marketing | 4 min read

7 Reasons to Participate in or Host a B2B Podcast!

During a recent podcast episode of Sunny Side Up, Logan Lyles of Sweet...

Technographics | 4 min read

How can Cloud Players benefit from Technographics?

The cloud computing industry is not new, yet it is always in a state o...

Technographics | 3 min read

B2B Businesses and a Growing need to Outsource Contract Lifecycle Management and e-Signatures

Many organizations today choose to focus on their core competence, whi...

4 Important Factors to Keep in Mind for your Next Account-based Marketing (ABM) Campaign


Technographics | 4 min read

How Technographics can help create better Customer Experiences for B2B Marketers

In Econsultancy’s 2018 B2B Digital Trends report, companies had stated...

Technographics | 3 min read

6 Ways Technographics can Propel your ABM Efforts

Technographics can help B2B marketers determine which technologies are...

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