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on March 19, 2020

COVID-19 has seriously turned the world upside down. There’s no sector left unaffected by this storm. East Asian countries are the most affected ones. Everything is at lock-down to prevent it from spreading. Enterprises are also making their employees work from home to eradicate the threat of catching this highly contagious infection.

For many modern professionals, working from home is a luxury. However, these days it has been a global necessity. No matter which environment is more productive, working from home demands for a tech-equipped set up to collaborate, attend meetings, calls and keep the communication and the work smoothly going which is generally available at work locations. To do this, many enterprises are seen to adopt and use collaboration tools such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc. These companies are all set to make their foray and take advantage of this lucrative situation. Nevertheless, all they would need is ‘Tech Intelligence’. This high-value tech install data put a clear picture of these needy enterprises and digs deeper into their tech stack and expertise.

5 things that Technographic data will do for these collaborations companies:

Account identification and prioritization: Tech install data will present a list of prospects looking for collaboration tools or any other connectivity to run their business remotely.

Explore Tech stack and skills expertise: Technographic data also explores the tech stack and expertise of these accounts. This will be helpful for collaboration companies to position their products and services the way these accounts need them.

Industry trends: These accounts follow a particular trend in their respective domain, be it technology, expertise, culture or work processes. Tech installs data digs into all these factors and presents a solid record of industry trends, technology adoption or deadoption nature and work culture, etc.

Partner Influence Revenue: It is given that these accounts must be already using some or other collaboration tools to stay connected and keep the business going. Technographic data explores and analyzes all these details thereby provides competitor insights.

Account-Based Marketing: The best part of this tech intelligence is that it not only presents a list of prospects but also gives a direction to design outreach and plan a campaign. Based on the account’s attributes it helps the client to have a tailor-made campaign which ultimately adds to the sales-driven marketing approach.

No matter what may come, businesses keep running as they have been for ages. However, identifying which accounts to spend time on will help collaboration companies maximize their resources for the best outcome, revenue and happy customers.

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