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Technographics account-based marketing | 2 min read
Written by Paroma Sen
on July 12, 2019

Account-based Marketing is more than just another strategic approach to marketing. What impacts the outcome of any B2B Account-based Marketing or Account-based Selling tactic is based on 3 fundamentals:

  • Your Target Account list, including how your enable better Account Intelligence
  • The number of touches your ABM cadence has
  • Your ability to hyper-personalize, at scale!

Catch these 5 short tips from our recent conversations on ABM with five industry experts:


Sangram Vajre Blog1

Sangram Vajre,
Host of the #Flipmyfunnel podcast and Co-founder at Terminus says,

“I think in ABM I would love to see (like I’m seeing in some cases) like companies hiring like 15 account-based marketing people in marketing departments. So I think that’s just crazy and incredible. But that’s what I’m starting to see. I’d love to see more ABM as a discipline because it does take a different mindset.”



Matt-Heinz-Blog1Matt Heinz,
President at Heinz Marketing Inc says,

“Account-based Marketing done well requires tight integration between sales and marketing and the buying committee at your target accounts. When companies have this in place, the rest is easy”




Jay Gaines,
Chief Marketing Officer (SiriusDecisions Product Line) says,

“Account-based Marketing has been and continues to be all the rage. Every client at SiriusDecisions focuses on it in one form or the other. ABM is best when you want to go after large accounts.In B2B marketing and ABM, engagement metrics are important at every stage.”


KellyJWaffle Blog1Kelly J Waffle,
Head of Digital Strategy at Hinge says,

“When it comes to ABM, I see most people being cautious about it. Personalization has a high adoption rate. They use it for email and even website visits.”“Right now only 9% of B2B marketers have implemented hypersonalization as a strategy.”



David Lewis,
CEO at DemandGen says,

“ABM is really hard. Its way easier to buy lists and go the generic email route. Its harder to think of a specific audience and personas within. But is ABM worth it? Absolutely. If people want ABM to be successful, it might make sense to target them through their install base data.”

Looking for some more industry expertise on ABM, Data Quality, B2B Marketing or Content Marketing? Catch what the experts are saying, right here!


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