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Technographics | 2 min read
Written by DemandMatrix
on February 07, 2020

With advancement in technologies and infrastructure, enterprises are becoming client-centric hi-tech business houses. They are fully equipped with proactive and result oriented marketing strategies for their niche. Thanks to Technographics! Because of which these organisations are able to track, assess and evaluate their existing as well as potential customers. Hey wait! There is more to this. Technographic data also helps in account targeting by understanding the customer’s technology used to search or reach out to products for a pain point.

What are Technographics

Unlike conventional Marketing with ‘hit-or-miss’ strategy, now Technographics are changing the face of the marketing with technology intrusion and data enrichment. It’s a tech-installed data that empowers enterprises to have a proactive approach towards their existing and potential customers. While into B2B arena, firmographics stands paramount, whereas technographics add on to it with its lucrative piece of information consisting B2B tech data. It explores what your clients are willing to spend on, what technology they are currently using and their technical expertise and approach etc.

Are Technographics a big deal? Well YES, because of these following gains: 

1. Tailor-made sales proposals and marketing activities: In today’s scenario where competition is at its pick, technographics contribute to enhancing the marketing and sales strategies and approach. Having identified and understood the customer’s technology, the company can tailor its marketing and sales communications, pitches and approach for the respective customer. Here, technographics play a strong sales enablement tool that empowers company to take a deep dive into the buyer’s persona and strategically improve it. Understanding the technology stack of the users, the company can refine its targeting.

2. Expansion and venture: Exploring technological landscape can also help a new start-up, looking to expand its business or a player seeking to penetrate into a new industry or domain. Nevertheless, developing a new product or service, selecting an apt medium to promote and sell it, get majorly impacted by technographics. Subsequently, you end up forming a lucrative sales strategy to introduce your brand, products or services by incorporating technographics data.

3. Capture competitor’s market: Understanding buyers’ insights through technographics, companies can smartly capture the competition’s market. This tech-data helps to evaluate rivals’ customers, technology and mediums etc. based on which a fool-proof strategy can be designed to overshadow the competitors market.

4. Better Customer Relationship Management and retention: Technographics help enterprises to introduce the ‘at-risk’ accounts and design a plan to leverage or explore the product features or benefits for the customers. With this, enterprises can come up with a satisfactory solution and hit a win-win situation for customers as well for itself, and thereby ensuring continuous business.

5. Maximizing revenue and brand improvement: Strategic marketing through technographics eventually result into maximizing revenue, customer retention and finally adopting methodologies to nurture the brand-centric nature of the business.

Summing up, the highlights are: Focusing more on marketing and sales activities, technographics data is a must sales intelligence tool to consider. It will shape up your B2B marketing and sales proposals precisely by providing a broader picture of firmographics and their technologies. So, pull your socks on, with technographics and let your Marketing and Sales team convert revenue into magical numbers.

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