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B2B data Technographics | 3 min read
Written by Paroma Sen
on June 21, 2018

Decoding and understanding customer behavior has always been a priority for both B2B and B2C marketers.  It is not uncommon for today’s marketer to make generous use of data science to draw more from behavioral data.

There have always been different data types to influence a B2B marketer’s future marketing strategies. But with so many marketers already using data analytics to power their campaigns, is it wise for B2B marketers to keep relying on the same parameters to understand more about their target base in order to fuel result-oriented campaigns? Or does it make sense to start reviewing different ways by which you can understand more about your target audience’s behavior?

If you’re a data-loving B2B marketer, you’ll adore Technographics.


Technographic data can provide insights on a company’s current tech stack and future technology needs too.


As a B2B marketer (or tech marketer!), there is a lot you can decode about a company and its employees through technographics. Typically in B2B marketing, the entire marketing and sales process involves selling to different people at various levels within the organization hierarchy.

By decoding what a company’s technology stack says about a target company, B2B marketers can predict their most likely future actions related to the purchase of new technology, for starters.

Technographics: Adding a New Layer to your Data Driven Marketing Tactics

As a B2B marketer, how can you enrich the insights you gain from the behavior data you’ve gathered? Technographics can provide a deeper understanding on the level of tech comfort, kind of technologies, scale of operations, volume of transactions and lots more about a company you hope to sell to. It all depends on how one interprets the data after all.

In Retail or B2C marketing in general, insights from technographic data can provide an understanding on different aspects to help decode a customer’s future buying intentions. Some of the typical questions technographics can help B2C marketers answer (for instance) could include: the type of Operating Systems customers usually have on their devices, the kind of apps they like to use and why, the kind of technologies they are comfortable using, and lots more.

If more and more business-to-business companies and B2B marketers start taking notice of the potential impact of technographic data, they will be able to identify more pertinent ways to drive demand. A customer’s (a target company’s in the case of B2B marketing) technology stack can give you a lot of relevant information. This information can be useful to also typify your go-to market strategies and future marketing campaigns.

If you’re a B2B marketer, it’s time to start thinking of the numerous possibilities and benefits that can be unleashed by breaking down what you gather from technographic data.

Let’s begin with a few:

Planning the Right message at the Right Time

With more and more marketers stressing the importance of sharing the right message at the right time, it is important to find newer ways to do this. Technographic data provides marketers with an understanding of their target company’s technology-buying habits. So if you’re a technology marketer for instance, you can use this to your advantage in several ways.

For starters, you can formulate messages to pull customers to you when you know that their current technology’s renewals date is drawing close.  

Going from Basic Targeting to Technographic-targeting

Let’s continue with the hypothetical example of you being a technology marketer. Technographic-targeting can help you know what a competing provider’s account base looks like. It can give you a better competitive advantage by allowing you to plan and run superior campaigns.

Personalization that Increases Conversions

Technographic data can also drive personalization efforts to potentially increase conversions. Tailoring messages according to age, gender or profession is not a new marketing tactic. In business-to-business marketing, imagine the potential impact you can have when you identify specific elements like the kind of technology your target audience will most probably like to use or have a higher chance of investing in.

According to an earlier Marketo study, over 78% of consumers will engage with offers if they have been personalized to their previous engagements with your brand. Remember, when a customer sees the effort you’ve taken to personalize a campaign when selling a technology (or anything else to them), they will be more likely to respond to it.

An improved Customer Experience: to Beat the Competition

Competition is everywhere. So is data. What can help drive more brand recall and value among your target audience is an improved customer experience. With better targeting and personalization, you can easily achieve this.

The B2B Marketing sphere undergoes changes every year. New technology and data trends emerge, buying behaviour changes and all of this can impact all of marketing.

We spoke to Daniel Barber, CEO and Co-founder of DataGrail to discuss the emerging trends in technographics. How can more and more companies make use of the ability of technographics to identify their target’s most likely next technology purchase behavior, and capitalize on it? Daniel throws light on this and more as well as Technographics  overall impact on Sales and Marketing and other functions within an organization.

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