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Technographics | 2 min read
Written by Paroma Sen
on June 27, 2019

In the B2B and Tech Marketing sphere, there has been a growing need for tailor-made Business Intelligence solutions backed by technographics and technographic data. Several studies have suggested that now is the time to innovate in the field of Data and Business Intelligence in order to drive optimized ROI from every Product-based Marketing and Sales effort.

That was a primary reason behind the launch of DemandMatrix!

In this short conversation, Meetul Shah - CEO of DemandMatrix talks about the importance of driving a business's bottomline using insights that are based on the technology buying behaviors of prospects and target accounts.

So will the future of data and BI within B2B Marketing be dominated by technographics and the insights derived from it?

Find out here:


Meetul Shah PArt 1 Story


Key Takeaways and Quotes by Meetul

1. “At one point, I’ve thought of quitting everything to be a Sommelier!”

2. “In a startup, there’s always a chance that things won’t work out. But people do it to follow their passion, they want to do something or build something that will change the world! For me, its creating a solution that disrupts how B2B Marketing and Sales understand their prospects using their technology-buying behavior as a foundation.”

3. “We always wanted to build something that would bring value to multiple teams within a typical B2B organization, that’s why we began our journey.”

4. “We want to allow Marketers and Sales teams to do what they do best, by enriching how they do it with the right insights and intelligence.”

5. “Data and the right insights are the fundamentals for any Marketing/Sales campaign but still, that stage is very nascent. There are very first-party data providers like ourselves and there is a lack of innovation in this segment. It’s a great time to create something relevant and useful in this space now.”

6. “We are not just a feature-based solution. Our vision is to build a platform that allows customers to procure and get any kind of insights and data that they want.”

7. “There is no dearth of data today. The differentiator is choosing the right insights that will help propel your business. How do you know what will impact you or your efforts?”

8. “Previously, there was a lack of data, now we have too much data with maturing technologies allowing you to draw the best insights from it. It’s time for B2B Marketing and Sales teams to capitalize on this trend. Not many are doing this.”

9. “I admire a couple of tech leaders, two that come to mind are Bill Gates (well obviously, I worked at Microsoft for 9 years!) but that’s not the only reason. He had an amazing vision. I also admire Elon Musk and would be grateful if I can do even 2% of what he has done so far!”

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