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B2B data Technographics | 3 min read
Written by Paroma Sen
on April 17, 2019

The insights and business intelligence from technographics can prove to be extremely valuable to multiple teams within an organization. Better business intelligence that offers strategic value can help teams and businesses make more informed decisions.


Business intelligence and insights from technographics can help:

  • reduce risks, 
  • plan allocation of resources more effectively,
  • understand more about technology deployment trends around the globe or within specific verticals

Product teams and Technographic Intelligence

Marketing and Sales teams in some of the world’s leading tech companies use the help of technology adoption patterns to understand their client’s and prospect’s technology buying habits better. Combining the insights from technographics and other data models allows organizations to have a deeper understanding of their competitors and clients technology-use behavior. It also helps them identify the most relevant business opportunities.


Over 45,000 sales, marketing, and business intelligence team members from some of the world’s leading technology companies use technographics every day.

These include brands like Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Outreach, Zendesk, Dyn, Uberflip, and several other reputed brands.

Source: Infotanksmedia

Even Product teams have been known to use it to gather data-driven insights on whether they should invest in any new product innovation, whether to add a new capability or even to determine the next lot of features and product enhancements. 

Technographics are not only for Salespeople!

One of the best things about Technographics and the intelligence from it is that multiple teams can optimize their entire inbound marketing funnel and their buyer journey to plan more customized lead nurturing and customer acquisition strategies.

Technographics and business intelligence from this data is known to amplify:

  • Demand Generation activities
  • Identification of Market Share
  • Upselling opportunities
  • Sales and Prospecting efforts
  • Traction through Paid Media

Why are Product teams relying on business intelligence from Technographics to drive Product Development and Product Enhancements?

Data is at the core of every B2B function today. When technology and data collide, it ignites business growth. Every outreach and go-to market strategy is fueled by insights to achieve goals, so the ability to manage the wealth of data, streamline efforts with better alignment is important too.

Data sets and intelligence that can offer more than one team strategic inputs on the best-next-steps-to-take accelerates overall business revenue.

In companies where Marketing and Sales teams use technographics and technographic business intelligence to drive goals, it’s practical for Product teams to also effectively use it to:

  •  gather insights on the trending technologies being used in the marketplace, so they can develop product enhancements based on this
  •  design products and build features based on technology adoption behaviors and actual technology needs of future and existing customers
  •  better allocate resources for region-wise Product enhancements, based on where a specific technology is or was trending
  •  onboard teams based on skillsets required to keep up with changing demand in features and technologies

To ensure viability of any product in the market, the above intelligence can be beneficial for all across the Product Development and Product Marketing teams.

Product Teams need Technograhics and Technographic Intelligence now more than ever

Additionally, in the SaaS or B2B marketplace, for your product to stay competitive and relevant despite changing consumer technology adoption behaviors and wants, it is important to:

  •  know your competitor, especially what features they will focus on enhancing,
  • what technologies they will want to or plan to implement into their offerings,
  • capitalize on future technology demands and trends before competing products do

When companies implement a way to access intelligence based on technographics, Product teams find it easier to use the insights to do all of the above.

In turn, when Product teams use this to develop more viable products, Sales can close deals a lot faster because of the relevancy in the offering.

What’s the immediate need of the hour for B2B companies?

Interconnected data systems teamed with intelligence that offers deeper insights into prospect buying behavior and their relationship with technology will matter more because it provides greater clarity on where (and how) to focus future opportunities on.

If recent surveys are anything to go by, Sales and Marketing teams still continue to struggle with data quality. That is why there is an increasing priority to address and maintain quality across multiple data sets and intelligence sources.

The main purpose of using technographics and the business intelligence from it is to breakdown audience and prospect behavior, refine segmentation and conduct more focused targeting as part of core strategies.

End note- Few things for B2B Marketing, Sales and Product Teams to keep in mind

Before investing in new intelligence or a new data set, B2B Marketing, Sales and Product teams have to be aware of the impact that better data quality and insights can have on many outcomes including their main go-to market strategy.

When the right data set, intelligence and technology interconnect, it ignites growth. Now is the time that B2B Marketing, Sales and Product teams have started taking action on their data, with a focus on the kind of insights they can draw from it.

The increasing use of sophisticated data sets and rich intelligence to drive more strategic profiling and segmentation has increased in tandem with the rise of ABM in B2B too.

  • Invest in solutions that align your data, insights and your core business need.
  • Find more ways for your teams to interconnect so they can enable coordinated engagement across systems and multiple channels at the right time.

It’s only quality data and sophisticated business intelligence that can provide this foundation. We are already seeing its impact across the entire B2B demand gen lifecyle today.

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