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Data Enrichment | 3 min read
Written by Paroma Sen
on January 09, 2019

Did you already know that more than half of the world’s companies (already using Cloud) will adopt an  all-in cloud strategy by 2021?

In a subscription- based, sharing economy, this is not surprising. You’ll notice how some of the largest (and leading!) organizations in the world (Read: Netflix and Apple) leverage cloud computing to facilitate worldwide operations.

That’s why there is an extensive and growing need for on-demand computing resources — everything from applications to data centers — over the internet (the cloud) on a pay-for-use basis.

Cloud Computing Market by Revenue

How do leading cloud players keep up with the changing cloud technology landscape while staying ahead of industry competition?

The answer:
By identifying new triggers and newer, innovative ways to market cloud offerings in a more targeted manner across verticals.

This helps marketing and sales resources to focus on more probable conversions to ensure a better ROI and achievement of core company goals.

Leading cloud vendors use Technographic backed intelligence to understand what new product innovations and integrations should be a primary focus next.

360 Degree Intelligence Loop
Leading cloud customers often use a network of partners to sell their offering. Enriching a network base with technographic-backed intelligent data would serve both sides better:

  • by allowing the customer to qualify partners better and
  • enabling more ROI through them

Technographics can benefit many teams, both within the organization and external partner networks.

It is becoming more and more critical to select a data set and data source that would provide both depth and breadth of data insights across diverse domains to enable multiple functions and teams with the right kind of business, competitor and strategic intelligence.



What kind of data do Cloud marketers need most today?

Data that shares insights on potential customer cloud adoption behaviors as well as future Cloud adoption patterns.

This enables better product marketing and innovation while also helping field sales and strategy teams to create a framework that allows them to tap into new insights and gain adequate know-how about their prospects’ overall technology stack adoption and upcoming technology trends.

Technographic Data can also share generous insights on upcoming industry trends:


Latest Industry Trends in Cloud Computing


How do leading cloud players use Technographics?

Leading cloud players who have made intensive investment in technographics have experienced benefits from increased ROI, reduction in sales cycle, better identification of Whitespace besides experience other all-round benefits such as:

Reduced Sales Cycles
By using Technographics as a data set and market-intelligence to support targeted selling for the full range of cloud services under their umbrella, a leading cloud player was able to reduce their overall sales time and achieve greater ROI.

Targeted Sales Pitches
Field Sales teams have been able to find out which companies in their territory were using a particular cloud technology most and which companies were looking to move to the cloud. This allowed for better customization of sales-pitches.

Product Development and Enhancement
The Product team at this leading cloud company used Technographics to gather insights on the trending technologies within the cloud space to design products or add features based on customer technology-behavior patterns and actual needs.

Resource allocation effectiveness
The Strategy team in some companies was able to better allocate resources based on regions where a specific technology was trending using technographics. In turn, this helped them allocate resources or plan the onboarding of teams based on skillsets required to promote certain technologies or innovations.

Partner Management
Technographic data has helped cloud players to easily identify the number of partners they would need for a specific trending technology as well as the skillset required to sell in-house technologies thereby leading to effective partner selection.

Predict propensity for Field Sales and Gaming team
The in-house Gaming team used Technographics to understand which gaming companies they should target based on data related to the top gaming companies, the cloud platforms they were currently using and their technology adoption plans for the future.

Field Sales benefited from knowing which companies had a higher propensity to migrate to another cloud platform at a given time

Public Cloud Market Share 2019

Multiple teams including Product Management, Demand Analytics, Data Science and Operations can benefit from Technographics to identify answers to the above and to pull specific insights and keep a closer track on competition.

Get ready to take the lead in the cloud domain with Technographics.

This article was written in collaboration with Rohan Mengade, a Market intelligence and Research specialist


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